Carton Sealing Machines

Carton Box Edge H Type Sealing Machine


  • Compact and durable design, easy to operate
  • Standard specification item
  • The machine can be integrated into an automated packaging line


Model JPS 556SC
Carton Size (L)300-600 (W)200-500 (H)180-500mm
Table Height Min. 650 Max. 800mm
Working Speed 400 ctns / hr
Machine Size (L) 2000 (W) 1200 (H) 1500mm
Power 220/380 V single phase, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic 5 Kg / cm2 150Ne/min
Tape Width 60-75mm alternative use
Machine Net Weight Approx. 450 Kgs

Top & Bottom Uniform Cartons Sealing Machine

We are the prominent manufacturer & supplier of wide range of Top & Bottom uniform Cartons Sealing Machine that issued in various products manufacturing tools and parts. These are manufactured using extreme quality raw material and are highly demanded in various countries.These are widely demanded due to several features like durable finish standards, sleek design, easy to install and long lasting service. We supplythese Machines in various parts of the country at reasonable prices.

  • Top and Bottom drive belts
  • Interchangeable top bottom tape cartridge
  • 2.0" / 2.5" Top Bottom Tape Head
  • Tape overlap length can be adjusted from 50mm to 75mm
  • Roller working table, manual top squeezers
  • Blade grards, crank handle & leg height adjustment


Model JPS 6050
conveyor speed 20m / min
Max. Package size W500 * H600mm
Min. Package size W150 * H110mm
Width of Tape 36mm, 48mm, 50mm, 60mm
Power Supply 110v, 220v - 240v / 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption 0.18 KVA
Machine Size 1580 * 740 * 1330mm
Machine Weight 145Kg

Auto Flap Folding Carton Sealing Machine

We are the leading manufacturer & supplier of Auto Flap Folding Carton Sealing Machine which is manufactured from extreme quality raw material. These Machines are designed for various engineering applications such as packaging of various products with excellent sealing and are available in various specifications. We do complete quality inspection of these Machines before delivering at the client’s end.

  • Fit for sealing uniform size cartons in mass Production line
  • Automatic Flaps Folding and, Top and Bottom Sealing
  • Side belts driven, suitable for heavy duty operation


Model JPS 558F
Carton Size (L)200-600 (W)150-500 (H)120-500mm
Table Height Min. 650 Max. 800mm
Belt Speed 18.5 / min
Machine Size (L) 1690 (W) 830 (H) 1180mm
Power 110 / 220V single phase, 50/60 Hz
Pneumatic 5 Kg / cm2
Tape Width 48mm, 75mm alternative use
Machine Net Weight Approx. 180 Kgs

Automatic Random Cartons Sealing Machine

We provide complete solution of Automatic Random Cartons Sealing Machine that is available in various specifications. These Automatic Random Cartons Sealing Machines are used in several metal products manufacturing other industries.These Machines are widely appreciated for reliability, durable nature and excellent finish. These Machines are widely demanded in various parts of the country due to their unique quality.

  • It will help in sealing different sizes of cartons without adjusting and it will be fitted automatically.
  • According to the different material of packaging cartons, the sealing pressure can be adjusted.
  • The adjusting strength of the movement arms in two-side can be regulated according to the carton’s weight
  • Two-side movement arms adjust the objects adjust the objects and are packed to the best position automatically.
  • The movement frame is droved by a double air-jar smartly and smoothly, over certain time of duration
  • With the large power convey motor, goods of 35 kg can be conveyed steadily
  • By combining Air and Electricity perfectly perfectly, the operation is convenient and simple.
  • The fine structure and the harmonious colour are pleasing to both the eye and the mind.


Auto Sealing & Strapping Machine

We offer a broad range of Auto Sealing & Strapping Machines that are widely demanded in various countries and are available in different specifications. We manufacture these Machines using extreme quality raw material that is sourced from our trusted vendors. We offer these Machines in various attributes after complete quality and performance measure testing at various level of production.

  • Interchangeable top bottom tape cartridge
  • 2" top & bottom tape head
  • Adjustment to various cartons size
  • The top is automatically folded
  • Automatic feed in time, without man-care
  • Available to connect to full automatic production line
  • Leg height adjustment 350mm
  • Infeed / Outfeed Tables and 3" Tape head are optional

Model JPS AT5050
conveyor speed 30 boxes / min.
Max. Package size W500 * H500mm
Min. Package size W120 * H120mm
power supply 110V, 220V - 240v / 50-60Hz, 1 phase
Power consumption 0.60W
width of tape 1.5" / 2" / 3"
Machine Size 1840 * 1000 * 1500mm
Machine Weight 240Kg

JPS 22XA - Full Auto Model Automatic Strapping Machine



  • Rapic speed: 2.0 sec/cycle, 30 cycles/min
  • Easy Maintenance: No greasing, mechanism is stable and durable, easy operation.
  • Tension adjustment: can be adjustable as well, max.tension is over 90Kgs
  • Precision structure: main machine's component is made of aluminum alloy. control system is compatible.
  • add on a safety device, built for 24hrs continuous operation.
  • Easy loading or unloading: to load or unload the strapping roll is convenient due to the dispenser is placed outside.

    Model JPS 22XA
    Strapping tension 100-800N adjustable
    Strapping speed 2.3 sec/strap
    Strap width 9-15mm
    Arch size 800 * 600mm
    Power supply 380v * 50-60Hz
    power consumption 1.2KVA
    Machine Size 1580 * 660 * 1410mm
    Machine Weight 250Kg


Box Strapping Machine

Automatic Carton Sealer Machine

Automatic carton Sealer Machine

Carton Sealer Machine

Carton Sealer Machine

Carton Taping Machine

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer

Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

Semi Automatic Carton Strapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Carton Strapping Machine
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